About our cattery

Cats have always been by my side, they’ve been accompanying me since childhood. Now I can’t even imagine our house without these sweet gently-purring creatures! Thus, Yasha, Russian-blue male, has been living with us for 8 years before we took our first main-coon.
Passion for Maine-Coons, I can’t name this feeling otherwise, has stricken me suddenly, in a flash. At one of the shows I saw a big stripy cat lying on his cage. He instantly surprised me his charm. It was Bajun, the most famoust russian Maine-Coon from Moscow Stars cattery, but I have learned this much later, at that very moment I just fell in love with that cat and realized that Maine-Coons are my destiny.

Nearly 1,5 years have passed before I could afford my first Maine-Coon. By sheer luck, though I believe that nothing happens in our lives accidentally, my kitty turned out to be Bajun’s son! They even look like two peas in a pod!
That’s how I managed to get the cat I fell in love with at the show. The kitten was given a name Ice Tea. After several months spent together with Ice, after many shows attended, after I have met a lot of breeders, many of whom I became friends with, I realized that I eager to set up a Maine-Coon cattery and improve the breed in Russia. Thus, new Maine-Coons have arrived to our place from Germany, Holland and Danmark.

We chose "Bajun-cat" as a name for our cattery because of two reasons. First of all, Bajun comes from Russian folklore; it’s a mythological character that perfectly fits the Maine-Coon image - kind, wise and mysterious cat.
Secondly, in the memory of Bajun, who has inspired my love for Maine-Coons, so his name would stay in the history of this breed.

Main principles of our cattery:

  • Breeding with love and patience. We don’t bring kittens in just for rearing purposes, only when we feel that the kitten is the one who was meant to be in our house.
  • All cats are a part of our family. They’re all treated the same way as if they were our children, brothers or sisters, they receive caress and attention, they’re not limited in their needs and they can wander anywhere around our house.
  • We carefully choose future owners for our kittens. We won’t sell them just to anyone who possesses the sum needed.
  • We sell most kittens as a pet-class. Kitten can be sold for breeding only to breeders we know, with good reputation, who’s breeding principles as well as cattery’s condition are acceptable for us.